Detail of barrel fired texture vessel by Jennifer Corfield

Textured Vessels Gallery

My textured vessels are made using a similar process to my rock pools. They are hand built using a combination of pinching and formers. I use the same stones that I use for my rock pools. However I choose only one or two to create the texture. They are then applied to the clay in a considered and methodical way. The patterns and textures created are then enhanced with either barrel firing, saggar firing, or occasionally oxides or glazing. Some vessels will be glazed on the inside, to act as a foil to the exterior.


When a piece is glazed or has oxides on, the barrel firing can alter these. Leaving metallic shimers on the glaze and oxides. These colours can change or fade over time, as the enviroment causes oxidation. To myself, this is part of the charm of using oxides and glazes in barrel firing.


As with the rock pools, my textured vessels are decorative only. As it can't hold water and aren't food safe.

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