Detail of barrel fired texture vessel by Jennifer Corfield

Rock Pool Series

I was inspired to make my rock pools during a visit to Cornwall. Observing the beautiful colours of the rocks, with the rough texture adorned by a myriad of barnacles, against the backdrop of swirling blues, greens, browns, and greys produced by the ever changing seas, I decided that I wanted to capture the essence of that in a piece of pottery.


Each piece is made using stones picked up in Cornwall. The barnacles, whilst adding to the texture are deliberately simple, intended to suggest barnacles, rather than be realistic. They're smooth in contrast to the rough rock texture. There are a variety of glazes, some are like deep, calm, turquoise seas, whilst others are like the waves crashing on a beach, full of turbulent blues and greens.


Rock pools are hand built using a combination of pinching and formers. They are fired to earthenware temperatures and as such are not functional, as they can't hold water and the glazes aren't food safe.

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